How to reset your body and supercharge your life

More and more, we understand that health and nutrition is an essential part for great quality of life.

Is your health and well being impacting your daily life?

Rebalancing your hormones and metabolism can positively influence your overall health and risk of chronic disease. Wise food choices support weight control, enhanced health and well-being.

Regulate your metabolism and feel the vitality of optimised body function that influences all biochemical processes in the body.

Do you strive to improve your quality of life?

With Metabolic Balance, you can:

—  support and maintain your physical and mental well-being
—  improve your vitality and zest for life
—  improve energy and stress resistance in the workplace and in daily life
—  overcome anxiety and low mood
—  detox your body and maintain a healthy weight,
—  stay fit into old age.


36 Blood Values

36 analysed blood values and parameters providing precise information on:

— your health
— your metabolism
— any deficiencies in key elements associated with metabolic dysfunction.

Your blood report combined with your personal data and your food list is the basis of your Metabolic Balance nutrition plan.

This enables us to select exactly the right foods that match your nutritional requirements – giving your body the best possible metabolic balance.

Blood supplies the body with oxygen and nutrients

As it flows throughout the entire body, your blood may reveal signs of disease from all parts of the body.

Based on your blood values, we analyse which nutrients are deficient and how this may impact your system.

The blood analysis provides insights to the health of your organs and potential risks for disease. Blood has long been the most reliable and non evasive method to identify and treat obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many other health conditions. Our advantage is our deep understanding to potential weakness and deficiencies.

The information we gather allows us the insight to work on a nutrition plan tailor-made for you. It‘s all based on your blood results and personal data. Should we observe a medical risk, we will advise you to seek further medical advice.


Diabetes Mellitus

Currently more than 425 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes. This is 1 in 11 people. 12% of the global health expenditure is spent on diabetes ($727 billion in 2017).

Type 2 diabetes can arise from poor lifestyle choices and accounts for 90% of diabetics today. The remaining 10% are Type 1, which is an auto-immune disorder.

It is a myth that Type 2 diabetes is based on genes alone. This information is now obsolete. Start to look at what you are eating and stop ignoring the signs from your body. Tiredness and fatigue will soon be a distant memory.

Metabolic Balance has helped diabetics to reduce their medication and balance nutrient deficiencies by carefully selecting foods that are optimally matched to their needs.

A professional nutritional metabolic plan is widely recognised as a highly effective and lasting treatment method. This is why we strongly recommend that diabetics receive professional assistance and support.


Nearly one quarter of the world population suffers from hypertension. In Germany, some 20 to 30 million people have high blood pressure. That’s almost 1 in 3 adults in Germany!

High blood pressure is one of the most frequent health risks today and the major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. In some cases it may be of genetic origin, however the most common cause is an increase in body weight combined with a lack of physical exercise and heightened stress levels.

Many suffering from high blood pressure today have benefited enormously from improving their diet. An individual and adapted meal plan, that‘s nutrient dense, supplies the necessary vital substances to the
cells, overcoming weight issues and fluid retention caused by poor metabolism.

A healthy nutrition plan and an improved lifestyle is an essential foundation to normalise high blood pressure.



According to the WHO, more than 640 million people suffer from obesity today. That’s one in eight people, more than 12% of the world’s adult population!


Excess weight and obesity amongst children has reached an unprecedented level - far too many of them are already overweight when starting school.

Weight problems and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Obesity is an interaction of changes in dietary habits, lifestyle and environment. Human genetic characteristics have not changed significantly in centuries. However, our living environment characterised by an overabundance of poor quality food and physical inactivity has shifted considerably from what our ancestors experienced.

Obesity is a disease widespread in Western society. It‘s considered a major risk factor for secondary diseases such as hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes and joint issues. Healthy nutrition may effectively prevent obesity.

Metabolic Balance provides a personalised nutrition plan which, in the long term aims to support healthy digestion and immune function. Leading to improved quality of life and vitality.

Other Symptoms

Burnout and stress-related conditions, depression, lethargy and exhaustion, poor immune function, autoimmune conditions, migraine, rheumatic complaints, arthritis/joint complaints, gout, osteoporosis, liver and gall bladder complaints, kidney stones and gallstones, allergies and food intolerances, gastrointestinal complaints, heartburn, low blood sugar, poor cholesterol balance, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, sleep disturbances, menopausal complaints, loss of libido, reduced infertility and the list goes on...


Metabolic cycles and stages of life

Nutrition in Later Years:

Our body mass composition typically changes with age, i.e. lean muscle decreases whilst body fat percentage increases. As we lose muscle mass and strength, our mobility, agility and balance is impacted leading to an increased risk of falls and fractures.

Ageing can impact digestion and lead to poor absorption of nutrients. Lower nutrient levels may further increase risk of age-related health conditions.

A nutritional health approach should aim to both protect and improve quality of life as we age. The earlier nutritional shortcomings are identified and rectified the more likely you are to age well. The Metabolic Balance programme may be helpful in the prevention of nutrition-related disorders and as part of an anti-ageing strategy.

Growing a Healthy Family:

Obesity and stress are believed to be a common underlying cause of infertility and difficulties in conception. Nutrition plays a significant role in rebalancing and supporting a healthy menstrual cycle and may improve the health of both would-be parents. An optimal supply of micronutrients is vital, together with essential proteins, healthy carbohydrates and fats.

A well-balanced meal plan rich in vital nutrients together with the principles of Metabolic Balance may naturally reduce weight and rebalance hormones.

Menopause and Weight Increase:

Problems during menopause experienced by so many women are often related to hormonal changes and imbalances.

Optimum dietary choices form a solid foundation to help you combat these issues and support your body during hormonal fluctuations.

A Metabolic Balance nutrition plan may directly benefit you by providing essential nutrients and vital substances that are often lacking during this stage of life.

A Nutrition Plan for you

With Metabolic Balance, your initial health status including medical history, blood analysis and current medication are examined in detail.

In addition, food preferences and dislikes are taken into consideration.

This personalised approach distinguishes Metabolic Balance from other methods and diets.

Four phases and easy-to-manage rules lead to a successful outcome.


Highly Individualised

… with your health parameters
Our detailed analysis of your medical history, current health, body measurements and medications, combined with your blood results, are the prerequisites for a truly effective metabolic and nutrition plan. We can also take into account your food preferences and cultural background when generating your personal plan.

… personalised coaching
Changing your nutrition and lifestyle is a health JOURNEY. Along the way you are accompanied by the expertise of your practitioner who is backed by our team of specialists. This new start is exciting and we ensure that you are supported in your transformation to a healthier YOU. Our Metabolic Balance coaches are experienced physicians, nutritionists and therapists - all well trained in this method. Your nutrition plan, combined with professional assistance, gives genuine support, security and a real chance of success – for everyone.

Metabolic Balance - Simply Individual

Metabolic Balance is the pioneer and leading provider of this holistic, medically and scientifically founded dietary programme, which will change your perspective on how to supercharge your health and well-being.

Our philosophy is to help you – as an individual – gain long-term sustainable health, vitality and happiness. Food that is perfectly matched to your needs will regulate your metabolism and help you keep a healthy balance in life. A balanced metabolism can improve your quality of life, well-being, blood values and weight management.

Metabolic Balance is a unique and proven nutritional approach that is based on a personalised nutrition plan. It is 100% tailor-made for YOU, because it‘s based on the results of your blood test and important health data. In collaboration with physicians, this is a high-quality product with a reputable scientific basis, individually customised to your needs – and it‘s easy to implement too.


More than one million people have proven that this programme works very efficiently and sustainably.


Studies and scientific evaluation

Metabolic Balance puts special emphasis on the scientific basis of the method as well as the scientific evaluation of the nutrition concept.

A study published in the British Medical Journal¹ compared eight health and metabolic improvement programmes. Metabolic Balance was the only programme to achieve the criteria that are necessary for long-term success:

50% of the participants in this survey had to reduce their weight by 5% or more – and maintain that weight for one year.

62.5% of people using Metabolic Balance² achieved this with 31.1% enjoying more than 10% weight loss after 12 months!


Start now and ask your physician or coach

You are the CEO of your own health. Take charge and seek sustained health and vitality, prevent illnesses and diseases and sustainably improve your quality of life forever.

The only obstacle is you postponing your health until later. Consult your health professional TODAY about the Metabolic Balance way!

The right time isn‘t somewhere along the line – it’s right now!

Let us help you start a new, healthier life today.